15 facts about Labradors

1. The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the world for the past 100 years.
2. Labrador is the perfect companion for everyone.
3. Labradors are friends with everyone, because they are devoid of aggression.
4. Favorite hobby – to please your owner.
5. Balanced and cheerful character.
6. Very easy to educate and train.
7. They have a unique coat, when wet, the undercoat and skin remain dry.
8. Wonderful hunters, thanks to the desire to please and bring the bird to the hunter.
9. They swim and dive very well.
10. They love to smile and infect others with a good mood.
11. Labrador wool is the least allergic. It smells only when wet, with improper nutrition, and if the dog is unhealthy.
12. The most popular breed as a guide for people with disabilities.
13. They normally endure loneliness, but will always prefer the company of the owner.
14. Very tactful dog with small children and elderly people.
15. Labradors molt! With improper nutrition, warm and dry climates, stronger than usual.