About the kennel

About the kennel
Kennel “Gerulis” breeds Labrador Retriever puppies.
In 2004, we acquired our first Labrador. At first, when buying a dog, we did not set ourselves the goal of creating a kennel and breeding dogs. However, many four-legged pet owners will understand that having one dog makes it impossible to stop anymore. From the beginning, these dogs have captivated us with their love and friendliness. Labradors willingly support any activity. With great pleasure they can run after a flying saucer or ball, happy to go hiking together, or just lie next to my feet. Every day they amazed with their minds and pranks. We have since become fans of this breed. Now our whole lives revolve around our dogs.

Our first dogs were family friends and loved ones. We spent a lot of time training dogs, physical activity. Later we became interested in dog shows. Our Labradors have won many awards, including international ones.
In 2019, we started breeding Labrador Retriever breed dogs.

We named our kennel “Gerulis” (from the word “Geras – good”), because Labrador Retrievers are the best dogs. Kennel owner Virginija Gerulė. Together with my mother Jūrate Jaciunskiene we are the co-owners of our dogs.

What is important to us
We take the issue of breeding very responsibly. All our dogs are tested for genetic diseases specific to our breed. Compulsory and additional health examinations are performed on our dogs, and a preventive health examination is performed before mating. Every puppy born in the kennel is welcome, planned, carefully analyzing the genetic tree of the mating couple. We try to carry out the breeding in such a way that it does not harm the psyche of the puppies. We choose dogs that satisfy us in terms of health, appearance and temperament. From the first days we raise puppies we love and socialize. Our goal is healthy and beautiful puppies.

The Labrador Retriever is an extremely smart and beautiful breed of dog
Labradors are very contact dogs, they are ready for anything just to be next to a human. These are unique dogs, they are very versatile. Labradors have great instincts, they work in search and rescue services, they are ideal for hunting birds, they are good guides. Labradors love children very much. But they are not suitable for home protection.

A true noble Labrador, unlike a shepherd, is willing to make contact with any person, even a stranger.
If a Labrador is cowardly or aggressive, it is not a breed-specific behavior.
We want to talk to the owner before selling the puppy. Before choosing a puppy, it is advisable to come with the whole family to understand what kind of puppy you need. All puppies are different, everyone is waiting for their owner. It only remains to understand who is waiting for you.

Dogs play a big role in our lives, without them we can’t imagine our lives.
We try to constantly improve and learn.

All puppies leave the kennel for the new home with pedigree documents, a chip, the necessary vaccinations, a vaccination passport, a pet memo and a gift box. Each puppy is examined by a specialist.

We are always ready to keep in touch with the new owners and advise on any issues that may arise in the future.


Kennel name registration certificate FCI No./NO – 101/17.
VMVT registration NO. LT 77-33-009